About me

I’m Jingsheng Chen, a human being who likes to explore and loves the essence of life.
I don't want to limit myself with labels. Other than that, you can get to know some aspects of me through follow descriptions:
  • Recent master graduate
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Mechanical designer
  • Software developer
  • Coffee lover
  • Extreme sports enthusiasts: Snowboarding, MTB downhill, Racing
My recent attention - Large Language Model(LLM) application - Web 3.0
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My Project


OneKo is an information platform for Chinese people in Berlin, aiming to help Chinese live more conveniently.
At present, the service on the web page is under development, and the WeChat mini-program platform will be developed in the future.

About this site


This website is for sharing my life, my experiences and my resume.
At the same time, I will also attempting to document my learning journey and some of my thoughts on things in the form of blog posts.
As for this website, many thanks to the NotionNext blog project. This entire personal website was modified based on it. When modifying this personal website project, I did not have any web development experience, so I used file system visualization tools and Code interpreters to help GPT-4 understand the the composition and made changes. Overall, it looks like a successful attempt: )